Oreos Gay Pride Cookie

In Advertising, Branding on June 27, 2012 at 10:00 pm

This image was posted on the Oreo’s Facebook page with the caption”Proudly Supporting Love” and also tweeted by the company via its Twitter with the caption”Celebrate Your Pride For Love!” I thought it was a great move on the part of Oreos. Not necessarily because it will help the company’s bottom line (though I’m sure the company will see some type of spike in sales as a result of this), but in some sense, because companies of this magnitude eventually have to pick a side on major issues. And right now, we all know one of the major issues is that of gay rights. And Oreo has clearly closen its side. Of course there are those (idiots…lol) who are now boycotting the classic cookie, but this new stance is something admirable in my book. It’s easy for a company to give in to pressure from their parent companies, lobbying groups and investors. And since Oreo’s are such classic snacks, which we assume to be conservative, it’s very surprising that they have taken such a liberal stance on this polarizing issue.

Though these supportive cookies cannot be bought as of yet (and I doubt that I would buy any because color dyed sugars are usually gross to me), I applaud the decision of Nabisco and Oreo to declare their position on gay rights. I wonder what the next move will be for Oreo. What do you think of advertisement?

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